Best Album of 2018 (So Far)

We’ve been very blessed this year with the crazy amount of music being released every day, but one album has stuck out to me the most. XXXTentacion, the south Florida native dropped “?” March 16th of this year, and I still cannot stop listening.

I’ve been a fan of X for about a year and a half, although it’s hard to enjoy his music at times with all of the allegations of domestic abuse surrounding him. I’m on Instagram practically all day and that’s where all the snippets for his album where coming from. I would go on YouTube and find looped versions of the snippets to listen to, so long story short I was pretty excited for the upcoming project.


Once the album dropped I was amazed at how diverse this album was. The entire album ranged from reggaeton to classic hip-hop to that angsty rap that X is known for. As I’m writing this post I’m currently listening to this album while dancing around at my desk. There are so many amazing songs on this album that I play nearly everyday, but my personal favorites are “SAD!” and “I don’t even speak spanish lol”.  I’d been listening to low quality snippets of “SAD!” and I was so pumped to hear the final CDQ. As soon as I started playing this track and the 808’s kicked in I had to make room to dance around my house. The song is so emotional and relatable, but the uptempo beat keeps you from breaking down and crying. The chorus gets straight to the point, and that is what X wanted to do with his project. In the intro he informs the audience that the point of this project was a to say a lot while using few words, and I think X did an absolute amazing job of doing so. At times you might not understand what he is saying, but you’ll be able to understand the underlying pain and hope that lies within him.

The internet side of hip-hop lost their shit when X posted a snippet of him working on a reggaeton track, and they definitely had a right to do so. I personally love reggaeton and I’m a huge fan of J Balvin so I’ve been dabbling in the reggaeton scene for a while. Within the first few seconds of listening to “I don’t even speak spanish lol” I knew it was a hit. Everything about the song makes you want to dance and sing along, even if your spanish is a bit off! The chorus will get everybody off their feet and moving, I’m currently doing a sitting salsa dance while writing. This track shows off X’s wide array of musical talents, and proves to the world that you cannot simply label him a “soundcloud rapper”.

If you’re a person who truly enjoys all types of music, then this is the perfect album for you. I guarantee you will find a song that you’ll be obsessed with. The only problem with this album is the fact that it’s a rollercoaster of emotions. One second you’ll be jumping around, and the next you’ll be sitting there questioning your life. Other than that, this is definitely the best album of 2018 (so far) in my opinion! Please check this album out and let me know what you all think!



Virgil Abloh’s New Position at Louis Vuitton


It was announced towards the end of March that Virgil Abloh would become an artistic director at Louis Vuitton, but what does this mean for Louis Vuitton and the fashion world? Virgil is now the first ever african-american director at Louis Vuitton, and is the perfect person to help finish what Kim Jones was creating with the new vision for the Louis Vuitton menswear division.

Virgil has single handedly created a new wave of fashion for the future. Starting with PYREX which was one of the most sought after brands around 2012. I was lucky enough to own a pair of the white PYREX shorts, which I sadly ended up selling, but luckily I was still able to make a profit! Virgil has been a creative director for Kanye West, and also created the Yeezus cover, which is perhaps one of my favorite Kanye albums. Virgil is most known for his work on his own brand “Off-White”. Off-White has been around since the death of PYREX (around 2012), and has been a brand that has successfully pushed fashion boundaries.

Virgil and Off-White have gotten an extreme amount of attention this past year due to their collaboration with Nike. These shoes are incredibly sought after, and even though they retail for a relatively normal price ($150 – $220) the resell price has skyrocketed causing some pairs to rise to over $1,000.merlin_89082613_9d40940c-3718-41fd-b51b-9f89005196b7-superJumbo

The waves Virgil has created are exactly what got the attention of Louis Vuitton. The bridge between streetwear, and high fashion has continually gotten smaller, and Virgil is the perfect person to bridge the gap. Kim Jones had been changing the vision for the menswear division at Louis Vuitton, particularly with his legendary collection that featured a collaboration with Supreme. Kim definitely had something to do with Virgil coming to Louis Vuitton, because the two are great friends, and often gift each other with unreleased and free products.

The fashion world will be able to see what Virgil has been working on when Paris Fashion Week comes along in June. Virgil has always been a big fan of logos, and logo tees, which makes me think he is going to create some crazy re-work of the logos for future products. Having Virgil at Louis Vuitton is creating an extreme amount of hype towards the future of the brand. Some of the younger people in the fashion community look up to him like a god, and chances are they will eat up anything he produces.

I’m hoping to see the flare from Off-White brought over to Louis Vuitton this season. It’s a great time for the fashion world, and his new position only creates new opportunities for future designers. Virgil graduated with a degree in Architecture from the University of Wisconsin, and now is an artistic director at Louis Vuitton. Virgil proved to the fashion world that you don’t need a degree from some fashion school to make it in this industry. I am so excited for the future of Louis Vuitton, and I can’t wait to see what Virgil has been working come Paris Fashion Week!

CSU Fashion Show ‘Spectrum’ Recap

A little over a week ago something amazing happened. On Friday night April 6th, the department of design and merchandising at CSU hosted its annual fashion show! The show was titled ‘Spectrum’ which can have a variety of meanings, but my favorite way to explain it was that this year’s show features a wide variety of designs, exploring different creative perspectives.

The show featured 24 collections which were created by the graduating class of 2018 earlier this fall. I was lucky enough to be apart of the class that set up the entire fashion show. The CSU fashion show is completely student run under the leadership of the amazing Dr. Carol Engel-Enright! The entire class worked all semester in order to produce this fashion show. The show is around a $20,000 production, and at the beginning of this year we have $0, luckily we had an amazing class that worked extremely hard to find great sponsors for this show!

Throughout the entire semester I had been taking behind the scene shots with my disposable cameras, and everything turned out amazing. It was a great feeling to be surrounded by art, and creativity as well as sharing that feeling with your peers. Once we made it to dress rehearsal everything began to feel so surreal. The entire Lincoln Center became our playground (to an extent), and the feeling that this show was actually happening began to sink in.

Since I was in the class my time was spent backstage, luckily I was able to capture amazing backstage shots of the fashion show. These photos will help my upcoming zine, but I’m still hungry for footage. Later this week our class actually gets to sit down and watch the fashion show that we worked so hard on producing. I’m so excited to actually sit down and watch the show!

I hope you all enjoy the photos. All shot on Fuji Film 35MM disposable cameras.

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Zine Teaser

I’ve recently been shooting a lot of film photography, and I plan on unveiling my first ever zine in the near future.

Here’s a moodboard for my upcoming zine. I hope you like it!

All shot on Fuji Film 35mm disposable cameras.moodboard film one1

Fuji Film 35mm

I recently got a number of disposable cameras back from development, and wanted to share some of my favorite shots with you!

All of these photos are shot on Fuji Film 35mm disposable cameras. I love using these cameras, because they remind me of family road trips and taking an excessive amount of disposable cameras with us for the ride.

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do.

Two photos taken from a gallery dedicated to the late Prince in Minneapolis, Minnesota

The two sides of Maxwell Levi

Stairway to…


Behind the scenes…


I hope you enjoyed these photos, and I plan on finishing up my zine in the very near future!

Nike AF1 Swoosh Pack Captured on Film

Nike recently released the Air Force 1 swoosh pack, which featured velcro nike swooshes that one could attach to the show themselves. My roommate ended up purchasing a pair, and I decided to shoot some film of him with his new air forces.

As soon as he opened up the box I was incredibly jealous, and wish that I had purchased a pair.

I plan on sharing more of my film photography in the very near future.027_00a017_08018_07

All shot on Fuji Film 35mm disposable cameras.

Top 5 Pieces From Supreme Spring/Summer 2018

Early in the morning on February 12th, Supreme blessed us with their Spring/Summer 2018 lookbook, and preview. It featured a number of 90’s inspired garments, along with numerous pieces displaying an ode to the legendary rap group Three Six Mafia. I’ve been fond of Supreme since the 8th grade, and like most people into the brand I broke down the preview, and chose the items I was going to go after this season.

That is why this week, we are going to discuss my top 5 pieces from the Supreme Spring/Summer 2018 collection in no particular order!

  1. Supreme x Champion Stay In School Crewneck
    Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 10.35.21 PM.pngThis piece drew my attention right away. I’ve always been a fan of of the frequent Supreme x Champion collab and this one really takes the cake. It reminds me of those old posters you would see in your elementary school displaying some sort of positive message. I definitely plan on purchasing this piece this season, hopefully in the purple or yellow colorway!
  2. MLK x Supreme Zip Up Flannel Shirt
    Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 10.22.23 PMThis season features a number of Martin Luther King Jr. inspired pieces, and I absolutely love it. Pieces like this help us remember from time to time the great things people like Martin Luther King Jr. did to help our society. Too often we only think of MLK on his special day, but this piece will remind us much more often. I definitely plan on buying this piece this season, and I am curious to see if it will come out in any other colorways.
  3. Washed Work Trench Coat Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 10.25.49 PMI can already imagine a handful of outfits with this trench coat. This colorway definitely grabbed my attention the most due to it’s obnoxious Mrs.Doubtfire look, but I find it amazing. I’ve always loved nature in clothing, and this flower pattern is done very well, and complements the base color excellently. I can’t wait for this coat to come out, because I need it as soon as humanly possible!
  4. Skull Pile Denim Tote
    Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 10.22.53 PMThis graphic was seen all over the Spring/Summer 2018 collection, and it is an ode to Three Six Mafia. In the music video for “Stay Fly” member of Triple Six Mafia Juicy J was wearing a glow in the dark t-shirt displaying this graphic. I cannot wait to buy this tote, the other pieces are a bit much for me, but this tote is absolutely amazing. Supreme’s denim totes have always been a hit, and this one looks amazing. I’ve been a fan of Three Six Mafia for a number of years, and know all the lyrics to “Stay Fly”, and I cannot wait to wear a piece paying respect to the legendary group.
  5. Supreme x Stern Pinball Machine / Supreme X Stern Pinball Machine Video
    Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 10.24.20 PM.pngI’ve saved the absolute coolest item to discuss for last. This pinball machine has completely blow away the Supreme community, and that is for a number of reasons. First off, it’s a pinball machine for god’s sake, and that is unbelievably awesome. Who doesn’t enjoy a game of pinball? Second, the resell price on this machine is going to be unholy. It’s going to be almost impossible to even purchase one for retail, and I’ve read rumors that Supreme has only produced a handful of these machines primarily for in-store sales. Although I definitely don’t have a chance at purchasing this pinball machine, it’s crazy to see how creative Supreme has gotten with their accessories throughout the past few years.

It’s looking like a good season for Supreme, and I cannot wait to see the future collaborations down the road. Hopefully I’ll be able to purchase my entire wish list this season, but that seems unlikely knowing Supreme’s website. I am interested in knowing what items you are looking forward to this season! Please discuss in the comments!

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